3D Alignment

If your vehicle’s wheels don’t run straight and true, there is a possibility of tyre wear and tear which could affect both driving comfort and vehicle maintenance. Wheel and Wheels team will identify important information about the vehicle and its existing issues like ball bearing problems, inaccurate tyre pressure, suspension and chassis damage. Once these are studied, the 3D alignment machine will analyse toe in, toe out, negative and positive camber, negative and positive caster and steering wheel angle, which are then calibrated, reset and centralised. We use pre-cut stainless steel shims for accurate alignment. All these services ensure your car is ready to hit the road with better fuel economy, improved handling and enhanced tyre life.

Computerised Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is as important as wheel alignment for all cars to ensure safe driving and good performance. Poorly balanced wheels can result in poor handling, driver fatigue and discomfort as well as dangerous wobbling of the steering wheel and car. With computerised technology and our expert diagnosis, the car is tested for unbalanced conditions and accurate weight placement. The machine displays the balancing faults and runs a program for rectifying and minimising vibrations in the wheels. Wheel and Wheels promises fast delivery with minimum waiting period and ensures that you feel the response of the newly balanced wheels on your way home.

Automated Tyre Changing

Wheel and Wheels provides tyre changing service to addressing punctures and flats, wear and tear or changing into a brand new set of radials. Running on a flat tyre can mean a lot of problems for the car. It can lead to road accidents and damage the alloys, suspension and tyre treads. When a tyre is changed manually, there is chance of breakage, especially around the edges. In addition to this, air pressure leakage may also occur in tubeless tyres. Our automated tyre changing machine takes care of this issue with pneumatic assistance, precision clamping and protective cover. At Wheel and Wheels, tyres of sizes ranging from 12” to 20” are changed using the Run Flat Tyre Changer or RFT, which reduces tyre damage. We deliver solutions with minimum hassles, saving a lot of time and making sure your car looks good and is safe for the roads.

Tubeless Tyre Repair

Tubeless tyres have taken over the market by storm with features such as improving fuel efficiency, heat dissipation and wheel balance. They are also proven to be safer than tube tyres in the event of punctures since air leakage is comparatively slower. Wheel and Wheels employs trained staff for tubeless tyre repair using plug or filler methods, both of which are carried out with expertise and also monitored at each stage for trouble-free service. The tyre repair kits used offer excellent finish and increase the toughness of the tyre, thereby, preventing additional punctures.

Shim Setting

Issues of camber, toe, caster and offset can have an adverse effect on your vehicle’s performance. For any camber adjustment, metal shims of varying sizes are required. Shim setting is intricate work and is usually carried out in workshops. Wheel and Wheels has a skilled team who is devoted to this particular process. Apart from regular customers, we also provide shim setting services to showroom vehicles and height adjustment for SUVs. Setting shims is an elaborate manual process and requires extreme precision that is delivered by our experienced alignment staff.

Nitrogen Filling

Under-inflation can have detrimental effects on a vehicle, its tyres and even passengers. Tyres that are under-inflated by about 10% of its optimum pressure, that is, 3-4 PSI, can lead to a fuel economy loss of 10% and a decrease in tyre life by 25%. This can also result in vehicle accidents because of heat buildup in the tyres. Wheel and Wheels provides tyre pressure checks with automated Nitrogen filling equipment. Nitrogen, unlike air, does not seep through the tyre medium and hence maintains the tyre pressure for many months without inflation. Stop by Wheel and Wheels to get your vehicle checked and we can guarantee better handling, stability and braking.