Wheel and Wheels takes care of your car with trustworthy services in two departments - Tyres and Car Wash facilities. The facility provides world-class tyre services such as 3D alignment, computerised wheel balancing, automated tyre changing and tubeless tyre repair. These are performed with high accuracy with the help of knowledgeable staff and imported equipment.

In the cleaning and coating department, the staff delivers high quality methods of hand car wash, interior cleaning, underbody and body protection coating and wheel hub painting. In addition to water servicing facilities, Wheel and Wheels also undertakes rubberised and ordinary painting to make your ride stand out in the crowd.


3D Alignment | Computerised Wheel Balancing | Automated Tyre Changing | Tubeless Tyre Repair

Car Wash

Hand Car Wash | Interior Cleaning | Underbody Coating | Body Protection Coating | Hub Painting