Hand Car Wash

Wheel and Wheels lets you have a stress free car wash with our expert crew. Using the latest in car shampoos, waxes and sprayers, the dedicated team services your vehicle with satisfactory results without long waits. As the number of cars on the road increases every year, so does the pollution caused by them. Smoke and dust particles will cling onto cars leaving residues in the form of dirt and oil that tend not to come off easily. Untrained car wash staff adopting improper techniques will lead to scratches, dents and even water spillage into the interiors of the vehicle. Prompt and responsible service from Wheel and Wheels will help keep your car clean like never before.

Interior Cleaning

Studies show that the interiors of cars are dirtier than washrooms, containing germs, fallen hair, mud, dirt, pet fur, food remnants etc. Interior cleaning is as important to car maintenance as tyre pressure or engine checks. Wheel and Wheels is one of the best around when it comes to this particular service. Utilising superior quality glass cleansing lotions, soft microfibre cloth and powerful vacuum cleaners, the staff work their way step by step and inch by inch. The very first stage involves removing customer belongings and trash from the inside. Then comes handling of floor mats, seats, leather upholstery, windows, seat belts etc. Wheel and Wheels staff services each vehicle with a thorough process that includes an interior shampoo wash, wet and dry vacuuming and interior polishing. Tidying the car with care and conditioning its interiors to customer expectation is our objective, ensuring a new car feeling that never gets old!

Underbody Coating

Why spend on underbody coating for a car which looks as good as new on the outside? This is a common misconception amongst customers who are satisfied with just body protection coats like teflon. However, there are many problems that arise due to a neglected underbody. Roads with potholes, stagnant water, litter, dirt and other obstacles will cause sever damage to the underside. These also facilitate the formation of rust on the underbody metal. Wheel and Wheels underbody coating applies a protective, thin film of corrosion-resistant coat to the frames, panels and other less accessible areas under the car. In addition to protection from elements, the Wheel and Wheels coat also provides sound dampening and abrasion resistance, making your car smooth and less noisy.

Body Protection Coating

A good exterior coat brings a smile to the owner’s face, leaves onlookers in awe and protects the vehicle from weather conditions. Our body protection service retains the car’s original paint finish by treating the exterior with the latest in waxes, sprays and coats. It gives the car superior gloss and shine with durability, maintaining the finish for several months. Wheel and Wheels delivers wax treatment, UV protection and scratch resistance that eliminates dullness from the car exterior. Hoods, bumpers, windshields, trunks and all other parts are protected from changing conditions by precise application of the coat by our trained staff. With the wide variety of services at Wheel and Wheels, you no longer need to reminisce that wonderful feeling of owning a new car.

Hub Painting

Together with those 19” wheels, a little bit of colour on the hubs can go a long way in adding an edge to the overall look of your car. Apart from improving appearance, hub painting has other advantages such as rust resistance and reducing the heat build up in the callipers due to braking, wheel rotation etc. We offer quality paints and coats with international specifications to match different sizes of wheels, tyres and rims. The process is undertaken by careful hand painting using precision sprayers with the right mix of coats that deliver unrivalled output tailored to meet customer needs.